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Serving California since 1929

Sinclair Printing offers two complete production facilities.
The quality of your job's prep, printing and finishing is carefully monitored every step of the way.

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Sinclair Printing Company is a CJK Group Company.


There are many ways to process a print file. Finding the best path to fit your product starts with our highly experienced sales and job-planning experts. Your files will quickly be put into a format that will print effectively.


Sinclair Printing is unique because we offer sheet-fed, heat-set, and open-web printing presses all under one roof. Our ability to choose the best tool for the job yields the most efficient and economical production methods. 


Another thing that makes Sinclair Printing unique is its full in-house binding facility. Whether your project folds and stitches or perfect-binds, our experienced bindery personnel will carefully handle your project. We also offer scoring, perfing, cutting, shrink-wrapping, drilling and custom carton packing.

Planning & Prepress FAQ

• What type of product will it be? A book, magazine, flyer, etc.

• What size? How many pages? How many copies?

• What type of binding? Soft-cover, hard-cover, spiral, etc.

• Any special coating, or other finishing?

• The larger the quantity ordered, the cheaper the unit price.

• You can reduce costs with the effective use of full-color.

• Saddle-stitching is the most economical binding method.

• Binding costs are affected by larger page quantities.

Our Pre-press department uses that latest Adobe CC programs as well as Quark Xpress and other design programs. If a layout program such as InDesign or Xpress is used, it should include all fonts and images. The best way to send us your files would be as PDFs.

Our Pre-press department uses a Kodak Prinergy workflow, and is most comptible with PDF files that are built to size with bleed. It is important that all images are CMYK and high-resolution, and that all fonts are embedded in the PDFs.

How You Can Send Files to Us

In-House FTP Transfer

Your Sales Rep or Customer Service Rep can give you a username and password that can be used to log on to our FTP transfer site. This is a good method if you will be sending fairly large files to us on a regular basis.


If you already have a Dropbox account, we can set up a shared folder with you to make file transfers simple and convenient. Even if you do not have an account, we can email you a "File Request", which will allow you to transfer files into our Dropbox account. We also regularly receive files from our customers using other commercial file-sharing services.

Other File-Sharing Methods

If the files that you need to send us are less than 10 MB, you can always just attach them to an email. Extremely large files, or anything confidential can be sent in or dropped off on some sort of physical media such as CD, DVD or flash drive.


The tools of the trade
Sheet-fed Printing

Sheet-fed printing is typically used for book covers, glossy magazines, maps and other full-color products. Our presses can apply gloss, matte and even soft-feel coatings in-line. In addition to a wide variety of specialty papers, these presses can also accomodate up to 24 point board for your next packaging project.

Heat-set Web

Do you have a higher quantity brochure project in mind? Our heat-set web press prints and folds in-line in 8 page increments at 8.5" X 11". For a brochure or small magazine run, this press is ideal. If you have a coupon or a statement stuffer project in mind, this press could handle that with its in-line sheeter. 

Open Web

For book work, the open-web press is unbeatable. For many years, Sinclair has perfected the art of open-web printing. We take it to a higher level with the very best papers and custom formulated inks because it's important to us. We can print one, two and three-color projects, as well as registered four-color process on this press. We offer many sizes and configurations including 8.375" X 10.875" and 5.25" X 8.375".

Digital Printing

All of the previously mentioned printing methods rely on a significant amount of set-up, which includes making plates, changing inks, and adjusting for fit and color. If your printing plans call for a small quantity run, this is where digital printing shines. The set-up costs are much lower and the print quality is superb.


Puting it all together

Press sheets are folded so that all spreads are nested inside one another. The piece is then stapled at the spine to hold the pages together. This is the method used most often for magazines that have fewer than 100 pages.

Perfect Binding

The pages of a perfect-bound book are made up of folded press sheets which are collated and bound together with glue to a soft cover. This method is most often used for soft-cover books and catalogs.


This is the most durable type of binding we offer. Groups of folded press sheets are collated then sewn together and glued to a hard cover. A variation of this (glued hard-bound book) eliminates the use of sewing and substitutes perfect-binding instead.

Spiral and Comb Binding

The top book in the picture is an example of spiral binding. The folded press sheets are collated and trimmed on all 4 sides. Holes are drilled along the binding edge and then a coil or comb is threaded through them. Coils and combs come in a variety of materials, styles and colors.

Other Finishing Options


Much of the folding at Sinclair is done in-line as the work exits the press. Special folds such as maps, double-gate and accordian are made off-line in our bindery.

Drilling and Punching

Part of the spiral and comb binding processes involves drilling or punching holes along the binding edge. Soft-cover books and magazines are often 3 or 5-hole-drilled so they can be kept in standard binders.


Many different coatings can be applied to printed material to protect or otherwise enhanse its finish. Sinclair offers in-line aqueous coatings in satin, gloss and soft-feel. In addition, Sinclair Printing can have your project gloss or dull UV coated, film laminated and even gold foil stamped.

Scoring, Perfing, Die-cut

Sinclair can have your project die-cut, scored, perforated or embossed. Many of our customers use a combination of these methods on their projects to create that one-of-a-kind look.

Where to Find Us

In Los Angeles, near the intersections of the 5, 10 and 710

and in Palmdale, just off the 14 Freeway

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